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How to change the FTP user path on cPanel server

How to change the FTP user path on cPanel server

By default cPanel/WHM does not allow you to change the FTP path for cPanel user. If you want to change the path for cPanel user or additional FTP users then you can change it through shell. Each cPanel user has a configuration file into /etc/proftpd/ folder.

# cat /etc/proftpd/user user:$2sduh34f4gd3Fggfszl#JDTYuKXh.asdJDd/:356:648:/home/user:/bin/ftpsh user_logs:$2sduh34f4gd3Fggfszl#JDTYuKXh.asdJDd/:356:648:user:/home/.domlogs/user:/bin/ftpsh

As you can see, /etc/proftpd contains a file for each of the cPanel account. Edit the file for that particular user and change the home directory like as follows


Save the file and then restart pure-ftpd/pro-ftpd service.

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